Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Perfect Over Medium Eggi-wegg

This is an art that has taken me a very long time to perfect... The perfect over-medium egg.

Alright, git yoself a skillet and put it over high heat. Pour in some olive oil. Crack the egg in a bowl and wait for the pan to heat up. Once the oil loosens up, (not all the way to its fullest heat) move it around the pan. Make sure your oil COVERS the BottoM of the PAN. At this point, pour the egg in. It should not begin to sizzle and turn right away but rather spread out a bit and begin to whiten slowly. Turn your heat down to medium-high and wait until the egg white is completely white. Begin to move the egg around and make SURE it DOESN'T Stick. At this point, I usually sprinkle some water on the pan and pop a lid on top for a few seconds. Once the egg has hardened completely around the outsides, flip it. Only keep it here for a few seconds, and then flip it back onto a plate and enjoy!

I know this is very very specific, but I find there is no other way to cook a more perfect egg.

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