Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ohhhhh Hummus Sandwich

I love making sandwiches. I love them so much, here is one of my many sandwich creations.

bell pepper (red or yellow or sweet peppers)
yellow onion

So first off we gunna make some garlic mayo.
Smoosh up one or two garlic cloves using lots of salt and the back side of your fork in a bowl. This should create like a garlic paste. add a few dollops of mayo and pepper or even red chile powder or cayenne powder. mix it all togetha

Next slice up a bit of onion and bell pepper. Pop the onion in a pan heated up with either evoo or butter. sweat the onions and add some salt and pepper. throw in the bell peppers when the onions are translucent. Meanwhlie, toast up some bread and slice a bit of avacado. Spread a bit of your garlic mayo on the bread, and then spoon on the hummus on each slice of bread. Lay on the avacado. Once the peppers and onions have browned, go ahead and STACK YO SANDWHICH!

mmmmmmmmm MMMmmmm

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