Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Perfect Over Medium Eggi-wegg

This is an art that has taken me a very long time to perfect... The perfect over-medium egg.

Alright, git yoself a skillet and put it over high heat. Pour in some olive oil. Crack the egg in a bowl and wait for the pan to heat up. Once the oil loosens up, (not all the way to its fullest heat) move it around the pan. Make sure your oil COVERS the BottoM of the PAN. At this point, pour the egg in. It should not begin to sizzle and turn right away but rather spread out a bit and begin to whiten slowly. Turn your heat down to medium-high and wait until the egg white is completely white. Begin to move the egg around and make SURE it DOESN'T Stick. At this point, I usually sprinkle some water on the pan and pop a lid on top for a few seconds. Once the egg has hardened completely around the outsides, flip it. Only keep it here for a few seconds, and then flip it back onto a plate and enjoy!

I know this is very very specific, but I find there is no other way to cook a more perfect egg.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

so bill is proposing to my sister this weekend. He wanted me to make a drawing for them... hope this suffices.

And on to tastier things:
Oh My Let! Omelette!
This is a tasty baked omelette-like concoction... kind of like a breakfast egg pizza or something.

Potatoes (red potatoes are always a good bet)
Yellow onion
Red or yellow bell pepper (optional)
4 or so eggs
salt and peppah
red chile or cayenne powder

Dice up the potatoes nice 'n fine. Throw em' in a pan with some olive oil or butter (or a bit of both) over high heat. Wait until they get a little soft (ten minutes or so) and then add your yellow onion, sliced and diced the way you like. Add in a couple pinches of salt and let them sweat, and then add the garlic. Bring down to med heat and add the spinach. Add a dash of red chile powder and pepper. Pop a lid on top and maybe add a splash or two of water if it looks like anything is burning or sticking to the pan.

While you wait for this to cook down (spinach should cook way way down) set the oven to 200 degrees. Scramble your eggs, adding in a bit of salt and pepper and a splash of milk if you have it on hand. Once the spinach becomes dark and withered looking, pour your eggs into the pan and move the pan around until the eggs are spread out evenly. Lower the heat to med-low. Wait until the eggs look semi-cooked, then add a couple pats of butter to the four corners of your pan. Then pop it in the oven for about 10-15 minutes until it looks golden brown and delicious. Slice up an avacado to enjoy with your eggi-weggs.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ohhhhh Hummus Sandwich

I love making sandwiches. I love them so much, here is one of my many sandwich creations.

bell pepper (red or yellow or sweet peppers)
yellow onion

So first off we gunna make some garlic mayo.
Smoosh up one or two garlic cloves using lots of salt and the back side of your fork in a bowl. This should create like a garlic paste. add a few dollops of mayo and pepper or even red chile powder or cayenne powder. mix it all togetha

Next slice up a bit of onion and bell pepper. Pop the onion in a pan heated up with either evoo or butter. sweat the onions and add some salt and pepper. throw in the bell peppers when the onions are translucent. Meanwhlie, toast up some bread and slice a bit of avacado. Spread a bit of your garlic mayo on the bread, and then spoon on the hummus on each slice of bread. Lay on the avacado. Once the peppers and onions have browned, go ahead and STACK YO SANDWHICH!

mmmmmmmmm MMMmmmm

And now, for a brief moment, let us appreciate the puppies.
I love Dusty and Junior forever.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Braised Chicken Sausage with greens

chicken sausage
chicken stock
1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
bit o' beer
olive oil
red onion
chard (I prefer rainbow chard but any chard will work)
yellow onion

Throw in a whole pint of chicken stock and add about 1/4 cup of balsamic vinegar. add the red onion and bring the broth to a boil in a saute pan. Throw in the chicken sausage and reduce the heat to medium-high-ish until the broth has evaporated and you are left with glazed sausages. Take the sausage out and pour a dash of beer into the pan and scrape the goods off the bottom and pour 'em onto the sausage.

While waiting for the sausage to cook, chop up yellow onion, throw into a pan with olive oil. sweat 'em and then add the garlic and then the chard. add salt and pepper... maybe a dash of cayenne or red chile powder. Cook 'em down and serve 'em up. squeeze a lil lemon on top.


My very first blog

I like cookin. I make alot of things and often forget what I did to make it so delicious, so this is basically a blog to document the recipes I use to make delicious meals. Most are pretty simple, and always delicious. I will probably also post a little art here and there.

Lookin forward to bloggin!