Thursday, September 30, 2010

Salmon Burgers!

Sounds strange, I know, but tastes great.

A pound or so of Salmon will do (fresh not canned)
One Egg
Chile powder (optional)
crushed garlic
Salt and pepper

Grind up your salmon in a food processor or just finely, finely chop it. Pop it into a bowl with the egg and spices and mix it all up ( I prefer to do this part with my hands ;) )
Heat up some olive oil in a pan and plop down a couple patties (make these however big or however small you please, just keep in mind that the smaller ones will cook much much faster.)
Lower your heat to medium while your make your "cheese sauce"

Cheese Sauce:
Equal parts cream cheese and Ricotta cheese
Lemon juice
chopped green onions or scallions

Stir it up, flip your patties, and pop some cheese on top. add a bit of water to your pan and cover it to create some steam to melt that cheese all up over your patty.

Cut up some red onion and avocado for toppings and smother some mustard on that bread/bun.

Cash says: "Hey and don't forget to give your pan scrapings to your pretty pooch!"
Simone says: "Gimme some of that CHEESE SAUCE"

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