Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Best Chicken Taco You Will Ever Eat

There are alot of components to this dish... but every one is worth it.
BBQ Onions
Slice up a Sweet yellow onion and grill or pan fry until they are translucent.. drop some bbq sauce on that and cook until your onions are just beggining to burn.
Poblano Peppers
slice longways, drizzle a little oil on them and some salt and Pepper and toss 'em on the grill until they are looking roastie toasted.
slice up some cabbage, toss it in a bowl with some mooshed up garlic cloves, add red onion, lemon, and YOGURT. no mayo.
I have a whole separate recipe for the best guac you will ever eat... but for now just make it how you think it should be made.
Get about four boneless, skinless half chicken breast (so 2 WHOLE chicken breasts if you would rather do that) Make your run with a couple teaspoons of brown sugar, cumin, red chile powder (or ancho chile), and a dash of salt and pepper. Rub this up on your chicken, and then toss it on the grill, rub side down, and sprinkle the rest of your rub on the other side. I do about 3 minutes on one side, and then flip it and go for about 6 minutes, until your chicken is perfectly cooked through.

Now get yourself some tortillas and JUMP ON IT

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