Sunday, February 24, 2013


Today was the first day of full sunshine since Kansas City called for a "state of emergency". Cash and I took two walks, because I was off work today. It was slushy and Cash likes the way the snow holds on to scents so its hard to get him to walk very fast.
He's been sick for the last few days. We went out every hour- day and night- so he could relieve his bowels. I had to wait for them to freeze in the snow before I could pick them up with a baggie and throw them away.
I ate at Jalepenos with Chris
I sulked in bed and then I watched Mad Men.
I watched some hair tutorials and was not patient enough to figure out the fishtail braid (woe is me)

The best part of my day came when I watched a video of my mom, Holly Roberts, give a talk about her art at the Catherine Edelmen Gallery in Chicago. She is so intelligent about how she creates, modest to the process but she knows exactly what she wants.
Here is the link to find that video:

I can speak for a lot of people, i think, when i say this: I hate February

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